Author: Dilorom Otaeva

Visit to a dentist

Patient: Good morning, doctor! May I come in?
Dentist: Good morning. Yes, come in.
Patient: You know doctor, I have a problem with my tooth.
Dentist: What happened? Here, sit down on the chair and let me look at your teeth.
Patient: It is this one, which troubles me.
Dentist: Oh, I see. It started a caries. When and how does it ache?
Patient: It aches when I eat something hard or drink something cold. It became very sensitive. Lately there is a constant pain.
Dentist: When I hit with the instrument, do you feel pain in your tooth?
Patient: Oh, yes! It aches badly.
Dentist: It is clear now. I have to delete its nerve and fill the dent.
Patient: All right, doctor. Help me ged rid of the pain.
Dentist: Don't worry. I will apply anesthetic injection and you will not feel how I remove the nerve.
Patient: Ok, I am ready.
Dentist: Here, I finished the job. Please, don't close your mouth for a while. The filling should dry soon.
Patient: Aha.
Dentist: Now, you can close your mouth and remember that you should not eat for two hours, because it could damage your filling.
Patient: I got it. Thank you doctor. How much should I pay?
Dentist: It is 10,000 soums.
Patient: Here, take it. Thank you very much and good bye.
Dentist: You are welcome. Be healthy.
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