News of Uzbekistan and other countries:
Warning: These news have been collected by Farrukh Ataev (it is his hobby) from various news sources and some of them may be controversial or inappropriate.

6 January 2009
1. Uzbekistan will buy 300 Mercedes Benz buses, 200 of them to Tashkent.
2. It is planned to introduce automated system of payment for bus fee in Uzbekistan.
3. The price of gas decreased to the level of 500,000 soums per ton in Uzbekistan.
4. The level of turnover between Uzbekistan and China reached $1.5 in 2008.

7 November 2008
Uzbekistan will increase the supply of gas from current 17 to 25 billion m3.

3 November 2008
The president of USA is not elected directly, but indirectly by a group of electorates (538 people). For example, California has 55 votes, New-York 31, District of Columbia 3, etc. The electorate is more important, because in 2000 George W. Bush became the president of US getting more votes from electorates whereas his opponent Al Gore received more votes nationwide. On 4th of November Burak Obama or John McCain will be elected as president; and so far Burak Obama is leading the per votes.

23 October 2008
1. From 16 October 2008 the salaries in Uzbekistan will increase by 12%. The minimal salary will be 28,040 soums per month.
2. In Samarqand there is a hotel named "Tumaris".

18 August 2008
1. Uzbekistan made the humanitarian help of $250,000 to the civilians of South Ocetia who suffered from the recent war. The work of transporting the freight consisting of construction materials, food, medicine, and other needful items is laid on the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the RUz.
2. The national company "Uzbektourism" plans to increase the number of tourists in Uzbekistan up to 1,200,000 annually by 2015. By the State Committee of Statistics the sales from tourism constitutes 0.6% of GDP.
3. A new magazine "CINEMA MAGAZIN" was launched in Uzbekistan with DVD attachment in which Uzbek movies will be stored. The first issue is produced in 1000 copies.

15 August 2008
1. On the Trocadero square under the Eiffel Tower in Paris it was held a concert of Uzbek singers and dancers from "Uzbegim yoshlari" ensemble. Beholders were amazed by the live songs and vivid dances.
2. Over 40% of external trade of Uzbekistan is with CIS countries, of which mostly with Russia and Kazakhstan.

14 August 2008
1. Pakistan is celebrating its 61st anniversary of Independence from UK.
2. Kyrgyz government is demanding the two TV channels "OushTV" and "MezonTV" in the city Oush to make more than half of the programs in the national language according to Kyrgyz laws.
3. In Alma-ata, Kazakhstan the part of metro tunnel collapsed, because constructors deviated from the plan of installing the poles at every 20 meters instead of 4 meters apart.

13 August 2008
1. In the Tashkent Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion it will open the first in Uzbekistan centre on transplantation of stem cells.
2. In Turkey it was published a book "Uzbeks of Turkey. Life stories" in 2 volumes in 1,000 copies. The book's author is Bakhtiyor Shakhnazarov, the correspondent of the Internet Information Agency
3. The Georgian president M. Saakashvili announced to go out of the CIS and recommended other countries to do so too.

12 August 2008
1. According to the research done by the order of the British newspaper Financial Times China will be the number one producer in the world beating the current USA. According to the prognoses in 2009 China will produce 17% and US 16% of the world output, that way US will lose its leadership over the 100 years.
2. In Tashkent the street and the metro station "Halqlar doustligi" are renamed to "Bunyodkor".
3. On the 8th of August all the Civilian registry offices in Tashkent and other cities it was registered 20-30 pairs, whereas usually the number ranged from 5 to 10. The lovers believe the life started on 8th will be happy and long as the number 8 is associated with infinity.
4. Laundry machines and refrigerators of the Italian brand Candy will be made in Uzbekistan.
5. In last Summer Olympic games in Athens, Uzbekistan participated with less number of sportsmen than that of Kazakhstan, but took 34th position in country ranking - 6 positions higher than Kazakhstan. In Beijing Olympiad Kazakhstan is participating with 132 sportsmen in 22 types of sports and Uzbekistan with 58. But there is no hope in several types of sports such as handball, volleyball, canoe, table tennis, etc.
6. The Institute of Language and Literature of Uzbekistan is working on preparing electronic version of 5-volume "Explanatory dictionary of Uzbek language" containing 80,000 words. Also, soon it is planned to create "Spelling dictionary of Uzbek language" containing 95,000 words.
7. This year 345,733 candidates took entrance exam throughout Uzbekistan and 69,105 of them will be accepted, which exceeds the last year's number by 5,265.
8. The Ministry of Education reported that this year it will be created 34 news paths of education, in particular, in engineering, construction, geology, car making, nanotechnology, biomedengineering, bio-informatics, studying Chinese and Korean, services, etc.
9. The patient suffering with blood cancer bore a healthy child in Uzbekistan.

11 August 2008
1. In Tashkent it was prepared an ice-cream at the temperature -187C.
2. Archeologists in the town Kazayakli-yatkan of Karakalpakistan found writings dating back to 2-1 centuries BC. Over 300 fragments of unique writings are the ancient samples of fine arts in Central Asia.
3. The "PANA" Uzbek-Chinese joint stock company in Gulistan, Uzbekistan produced the first batch of motorcycles "Munis".  It can carry 800 kg of freight, consumes 2,8 liters per 100 km and costs 3,350,000 soums (about $2,500). The capital fund of "PANA" is $600,000. The capacity of the company is 10 motorcycles per day. Over 50 people work in this company.
4. In the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing the food for sportsmen will be checked by white rats, who can quickly identify if there is poison in it. There are 28 types of sports and 302 medals in the games.

7 August 2008
1. 58 sportsmen from Uzbekistan will defend its honor in 15 types of sports in the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing from 8th to 22nd August 2008. There is a world champion in boxing Abbos Atoev participating from Uzbekistan.
2. By the report of the Russian Statistics agency, the number of illegal migrants is 15 million people and it will reach 19 million by 2010.
3. Uzbekistan refused to buy electricity from Kyrgyzstan to Fergana valley. For that it built a hydro-electric station for $60 million.
4. Osh city court in Kyrgyzstan sentenced 3 years prison, whose carelessness caused over 20 children get infected by HIV at the children's hospital. The parents of the victims wondered at the light punishment.
5. The president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliev demanded to take off his photos from streets. There will be presidential elections on 15th October 2008. At the moment there are 11 nominees, but each has to collect 40,000 signatures supporting him in order to register at the CEC. 

4 August 2008
1. Uzbek soccer team was renamed from "Kuruvchi" (Constructor) to "Bunyodkor" (Creator). It is the number one team in Uzbekistan like "Chelsi" in UK.
2. Uygur military groups attacked the Chinese border forces at the border of China and Kyrgyzstan.

1 August 2008
1. There are 2.21 Internet users in Uzbekistan.
2. The department of sanitary-epidemic supervision of Uzbekistan intends to change the inoculation against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis "B" to a single one - the universal.

31 July 2008
1. The number of domains in the UZ zone reached 7,000.
2. The Uzbek TV channel will broadcast a new sequel "Scenes from life".
3. The National Bank of Uzbekistan has 1.7 million accounts.

28 July 2008
1. Japanese company will help Uzbekistan to extract uranium.
2. In Kazakhstan it was identified 60 most prestigious universities.
3. In Tehran, Iran 29 criminals were hanged for severe crimes such as drug trade, terrorism, prostitution, murder, etc.
4. Near Termez, Uzbekistan it was found a stone book dating back to 3000-2000 BC. There is no an analogy for it in the world. The size of the book is 15x15x13 sm. On the book there are over 100 images made by pictographic method: mountain goats, the moon, the sun, the landscape, the human eyes, etc. The scientists claim that the first writing - the pictographic writing emerged in 4000 BC in Sumer civilization in Mesopotamia. The following finding is younger than that.

18 July 2008
1. The government of St. Petersburg decided to build dorms for migrant-gusterbeiters. Half of the gusterbeiters work legally and the other half work without registering.
2. Kazakhstan is introducing the first among the CIS countries the biometrical passport from November 2008. It has personal info and digital photo and costs 5,000 Kazakh tenge.

17 July 2008
In July 2008 the clients of the mobile company "Ucell" reached 1,500,000 due to the rebranding and new strategy.
In Uzbekistan it was gathered over 6 million tons of wheat.

16 July 2008
1. The Astrahan province of Russia will supply Uzbek market with flour.
2. Uzbekistan is testing the digital TV broadcasting by land.
3. 245,000 children will rest in camps in this season in Uzbekistan.
4. Uzbek National TV company and India agreed to collaborate. India will provide the channel "Durdarshan" in exchange of Uzbek movies to be shown on Indian channels.

14 July 2008
1. The president of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov recently rejected the president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev's suggestion to create the Central Asian Union by motivating the two countries have different levels of development and are not ready for it. Now it is decided to create a trade union by Hong Kong model. Overall there live 55 million people in Central Asia.

July 9, 2008
1. In Uzbekistan now there are over 9 million mobile users.

July 8, 2008
1. The 29th Summer Olympic Games will take place in 8-24 August 2008 in Beijing. About 10,500 sportsmen will take part in it.
2. In G8 summit in Japan, the suggestion of Russian president Dmitriy Medvedev to expand G8 with China and India was rejected by other members.

June 25, 2008
1. The Parliament of Kazakhstan decided to announce July 6 (Nursultan's birthday) as the day of capital. In 1998 president Nursultan Nazarbaev shifted the capital from Alma-ata rich to oil to Astana located in steppe. Then it will be the 8th national holiday.

May 28, 2008
1. The national debt of Uzbekistan became $3.67 billion in May 2008, which constitutes 17% of GDP.
2. According to the government program a part of cars started to use gas as an alternative to gasoline.
3. The turnover of RSE "Toshkent" was 2.6 billion soums for 19-23 May. 

April 22, 2008
1. In 2006 goods exchange between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan was 703.8 million USD, in 2007 over a billion USD. At present, in Uzbekistan there are 96 firms (46 joint ventures) with Kazakh investment and in Kazakhstan there are 715 firms with Uzbek investment. The size of Kazakh population in Uzbekistan is about 900,000.
2. Alim Ataev was a chairman of the state stock company "Uzdunmahsulot" until 2000 and emigrated to France.
3. In 1999 the demand of Tashkent city for wheat was 700 tons and of Uzbekistan 2000 tons.  

April 18, 2008
1. In London it took place a conference "Oil and gas of Turkmenistan - 2008", where it was estimated that Turkmenistan has 20.8 billion tones of oil and 24.6 trillion m3 of gas. In Turkmenistan there are over 150 fields of gas and oil. It is planned by 2030 to achieve oil extraction of 110 million tons and gas extraction of 250 billion m3 per year.
2. The movie "300 Spartans" was prohibited in Uzbekistan for its propaganda of ideas of international discord and violence. About 20 movies are prohibited in Uzbekistan.

April 16, 2008
1. The monument of the Uzbek family, who adopted 13 children of various nationality during World War II, has been removed from Tashkent. It is said it would be erected at the outskirt of the city.
2. The "People's Friendship" palace has been renamed to "Palace of Istiqlol".

April 11, 2008
1. It is said the company "Tashselmash", which was a single producer of cotton-harvesting machines in the former USSR, is going to shut down and a part will emerge at its place.
2. Russian company "Lukoil" agreed to buy gas from Uzbekistan at $210 per 1000 m3 from January 2009. At the moment it costs $130 per 1000 m3, in the second half a year $160. Similar prices are in Turkmenistan: $130 in the first half year and $150 in the second. In 2007 "Gazprom" bought 64.2 billion m3 from Central Asia (in 2006 - 58 billion). Much of it was resold to Ukraine for supply to Europe. The charge of "Gazprom" was $1 from each 1000 m3.
3. Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan refused to prolong the accreditation of the head Abe Gurevich (Jew) of representative of "World Lubavic movement" based on his violating the regulations.
4. Tashkent administration warned to punish those, who hang laundry out on porches, throw trash at inappropriate places, change the design of their houses, apartments, halls, yards, etc. It is done due to the 2200th anniversary of Tashkent.
5. Ministry of Justice of Russia found the religious organization "Nurjular" as extremist. The director of FSB (federal security service) accused "Nurjular" of "collecting information about processes occurring in Caucasus", "pan-Islamic and pan-Turkic instruction of youth" and connections with Chechen separatists.   

April 10, 2008
1. In 2007 the economies of Central Asia increased greatly: Turkmenistan (10%), Uzbekistan (9.5%), Kazakhstan (8.5%), Kyrgyzstan (8.2%) and Tajikistan (7.8%). In addition, in 2007 there was an economic increase in Azerbaijan (25.4%), Armenia (13.7%) and Georgia (12%).
2. China is the 2nd largest consumer of oil in the world and 50% of its supply corresponds to the Persian Gulf. Taking into account the political problems in the Persian Gulf, China intends to find other sources of supply of oil such as in Central Asia, in particular in Kazakhstan.
3. After 240 years of monarchy, Nepal is going to become a republic.
4. In 2002 the money transfers of Kyrgyz workers from abroad constituted 5% of GDP and in 2007 27%. By official statistics 300,000 citizens of Kyrgyzstan are working in Russia, by unofficial over 1 million. Last year 30,000 people left the country.

April 9, 2008
1. Uzbek government intends to control the prices for vegetable oil. According to the calculations of the state committee of Uzbekistan on de-monopolization retail price of sunflower oil must not exceed 2000 (at present about 4000) and cotton oil 1500 (at present 3000). Officially the minimum wage in Uzbekistan is 20,865 soums.
2. The house prices in Uzbekistan keep increasing. For example, 2-3 years ago one-room apartment in Andijan cost $1,500-$2000 (in Tashkent $11,500-$14,000) and now it costs $8000-$9000 (in Tashkent $16,000-$28000). In Tashkent, 2-room apartment costs $24,500-$32,000, 3-room $32,000-$50,000. The land in Tashkent $15,000-$40,000 per 100m2 (sotih). 

April 2, 2008
1. The state property agency of Uzbekistan put onto sales 76% of stocks of the leading appliance manufacturing company "Foton". The requirement of the tender is to keep the profile of the company.
2. Uzbek society condemns the Dutch movie "Fitna", which insults the religious feelings of Muslims.

March 26, 2008
1. In Andijan, Uzbekistan two textile joint ventures were established on Navruz holiday.
2. The president of Kazakhstan promised Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aytmatov to make a movie for his work "Tavro Kassandra".

February 25, 2008
1. Iran applied to the Shanhay Security Organization and Tajikistan intends to support it. However, the members Russia and China don't want to have conflicts with US by accepting Iran into this organization. It includes China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Iran, Mongolia, India and Pakistan are observers of the organization.
2. In Dekhkanabad, Kashkadarya it started a joint venture of extracting potassium with Russia and China. By estimation of "Uzhimprom" at the rate of extracting 700,000 tons of the metal per year the resource will last for 300 years. When the plant is constructed, 1300 people will be employed.
3. Kazakhstan prolongs the ban of exporting natural oil and sunflower until 1st October 2008. In Baiconur space station it is being prepared to launch Israeli satellite "Amos-3".
4. Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan want to create a Persian alliance.
5. US has been decreasing its support to Uzbekistan from 200-300 million USD per year after Uzbekistan allowed US to use its military base to 15 million (2007), 10 million (2008) and 8 million USD (2009). The aim of the support is to help new countries make democratic and economical reforms.
6. The World Bank published a report on migration. Immigration in 2005: US (38.4 million), Russia (12.1 million), Germany (10.1), Ukraine (6.8) and France (6.5). Emigration in 2005: Mexico (about 11.5 million), Russia (11.5), India (10), China (7.3) and Ukraine (6.1).

February 25, 2008
1. In China it is published a 16-volume philosophical encyclopedia "Chesyuedan", which is dedicated to three themes: "Confucianism", "Hundred Philosophical Schools" and "Daoism and Buddhism". This encyclopedia is part of "Chunhua dadyan" (Large Chinese Encyclopedia), which will include about 30,000 ancient Chinese works reflecting the development of social and natural sciences in China from the period of Chunsyu (8th BC) to Sinkhay revolution (beginning of 20th).
2. A student of Namangan Engineering-Pedagogical Institute won the contest "Kelajak ovozi" with her project on distance learning. The distance learning allows people to learn without leaving their home. She was rewarded 300,000 soums. Now she wants to get patent for her project.
3. On the unofficial summit of leaders of CIS countries in Moscow Islam Karimov, the president of Uzbekistan, rewarded the Russian president Vladimir Putin with order "Buyuk hizmatlari uchun" (For Great Contributions).

February 22, 2008
1. Abdusattar Derbisali, the chairman of spiritual administration of Muslims in Kazakhstan, translated the historical work "Jahannama" of famous historic, poet and government official Khaydar Davleti (1499-1551).

February 19, 2008
1. "Kosovo's declaration of independence may be dangerous for Central Asian countries, because there are large Uzbek communities in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. That is why, the UN Security Council should think about recognizing Kosovo's independence. Another example is Uygur autonomous republic in China." - said the professor of Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic university.
2. The General Prosecutor of Iran suggested to create a regional military alliance of 25 countries of Middle East and Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Yemen, Turkmenistan, Jordan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Oman, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Armenia, Palestine, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Cyprus and Bahrain).    

February 18, 2008
1. The parliament of Kosovo announced itself as an independent country from Serbia by support of US and EU, but against the will of UN.
2. The new publications of caricature on the prophet Muhammad in Denmark resulted in the street unrests. It was first published in 2005. It made many Islamic countries angry. An official person claimed that not only Denmark, but also Iran should apologize for absence of human rights, murder and lack of democracy.

February 15, 2008
1. In Andijan it is being build a "Youth center", which will have gym and disco club in the basement, bureau of ZAGS, the beauty saloon, the wedding hall on the first floor. On the second floor there will be studying department, where in 18 auditoriums the youth will study foreign languages, culinary, work on computer. On the third floor there will be 12-way bowling, caf?, and restaurant. On the roof there will be Summer Park with a pool and attractions.
2. Russian president held a press-conference and answered over 100 questions of about 500 journalists.

February 13, 2008
1. In Scandinavian countries (Norway, Finland, Swiss land and Denmark) people are changing from traditional Lutheran belief to Islam (over 1 million out of 25 million believe in Islam). In Finland the Islamic party has the following points in its program: to change the sexology lesson in schools with Islamic family values, to allow reading Koran instead of music lesson, to build mosques, to allow the custom of circumcision in hospitals, a trial based on sharia and the slaughtering animals by Muslim tradition.
2. Russia went on to the third place after India and China on the volume of foreign orders for creating computer programs. 
3. The American blockbuster "War of Charlie Wilson" starring with Julia Roberts is prohibited in Russia for its anti-Soviet propaganda and showing Russians brutal in war with Afghanistan.
4. The first metro line in Alma-Ata will be finished in 2009.
5. The gas resources of Uygur autonomous republic are estimated at 10.8 trillion m3. Uygur autonomous republic is the main supplier of gas in China. 

February 12, 2008
1. In the museum "Ermitaj" in St-Pittsburg it will be held an exhibition on "Islamic world from China to Europe". It is devoted to contacts of Islam with neighboring cultures. It has four sections: 1. from 7th century to Mongol invasion; 2. from Mongol invasion to 16th century; 3. 16th -19th centuries; 4. Political, economical, diplomatic, military contacts of the Islamic world.
2. In the capital of Kazakhstan it will be build a 91 meter monument of independence of Kazakhstan.
3. Kazakhstan is thinking about transforming 11-year compulsory high school education to 12-year.
4. The Tajik government created a schedule of turning on electricity to the publishing-polygraphic complex "Ozodi Sharq", which publishes 95% of all republican newspapers as follows: 5-10am and 17pm-10am. 

February 11, 2008
1. John McCain, US candidate for the president, is campaigning to exclude Russia from G8 and include India and Brazil into it. Also, he thinks Turkey should be included into European Union. He suggests creating the League of Democrats.
2. The Uzbek president told Russian president that he should have remained president for the third term and it was awkward before the successor Medvedev of the president Putin.
3. In Ashgabat, Turkmenistan it is going to construct a TV tower and a monument of constitution.
4. The members of Synod, the higher chamber of English churches, demanded its head to leave his post due to his suggestion about inevitability of sharia norms into the British legislation. The British Prime Minister thinks that the British laws should base on the traditional British values.  

February 8, 2008
1. The Russian and Uzbek presidents signed a contract on economic cooperation for the next 5 years. Also, it was decided to merge the Uzbek aviation company after Chkalov and the Russian aviation corporation.

February 6, 2008
1. The debt of Kyrgyzstan has reached 1 billion USD for membership in various organizations. The finance minister suggested going out of the organizations that are not so important.
2. In December 2007 Turkmenistan stopped delivering gas to Iran, which in its turn switched it off to Turkey, it to Greece, the member of EU. In January 2006 Russia also cut the gas off to Ukraine and all 27 members of EU suffered from the decrease of the gas to them.

February 5, 2008
1. In Tajikistan Institute of mathematics it was created a text editor "Tajik word", which enables to type in Tajik language, checks the grammar and suggests correction in case of a mistake.
2. The Kyrgyz embassy in Moscow sent an official note to MIA, MFA and General Procuratora with serious concern about murder of Kyrgyz men on nationalistic mode. According to the embassy's statistics only in January 2008 it was registered 4 murders in Moscow and St-Pittsburg.
3. In the Healthcare ministry of Uzbekistan it is being prepared a document that will restrict and control the advertisement of medicine. 
4. The khakim of Fergana province was dismissed from his post for non-professionalism, a number of negative characteristics that don't comply with the status of a leader.
5. The elder daughter of president Gulnara Karimova was appointed the deputy minister of foreign affairs on cultural matters.
6. 5-6th February 2008 Uzbek president will visit Russia and discuss several issues (Tajikistan is building many hydro-energetic complexes and decreasing water flow to Uzbekistan and Russia could be a middleman; the West boycotted the Uzbek cotton blaming it was gathered by children's help and Russia could buy Uzbek cotton; the two Russian companies Lukoil and Gazprom have a difficulty with their business in Uzbekistan; the security in Central Asia, etc).
7. The "Uzbekistan temir yullari" company opened a new route "Tashkent-Novosibirsk". So far there were routes from Tashkent to Moscow, Ufa, Saratov and Chelyabinsk.    

February 4, 2008
1. The ISP Sarkor Telecom announced the increase of international channel up to 40 Mbit/sec. In mid 2008 the company is planning to increase it up to 100 Mbit/sec.
February 2, 2008
1. In Uzbekistan more than a half of the names of streets, parks, etc have been changed since the independence.
2. The Tashkent tax department and Uzbek agency on copyright conducted a raid on January 25th and confiscated over 100,000 DVD, VCD and MP3 discs at 18 stores of the chain "Nirvana".

February 1, 2008
1. In Baku, Azerbaijan, it is held a court trial of security employees of Baku airport, who spied on the president in the VIP-room. They are accused of transferring the secret information to Russian agents.
2. In Kazakhstan the textbook "Man and Society" is taken out of the school system for prejudice about eastern rulers who want to rule forever.
3. In Afghanistan a 23-year old journalist is sentenced to death for blaspheming the holy Koran. The verdict can be carried out if the appellation court or the president does not cancel.
4. Several eastern countries (India, Arabia, Egypt) have been cut off from Internet as a result of cable damaged by the anchor of a ship in the Mediterranean sea.

January 30, 2008
1. Banks of Uzbekistan decided to check the money transfers from abroad. If a sender is suspicious, the bank will send the money back without explanation.
2. The Parliament of Turkey added a correction to the constitution that cancels the prohibition of women wearing scarf in universities. The law project was presented to the Parliament by the leading Party of Justice and Development (PJD) and the oppositional Party of National Activity (PNA). The party PJD needed an alliance and now they are going to win two-third of 550 member parliament for the acceptance of the law.
3. In Baku, Azerbaijan it is finishing a court trial of 18-year old women, who deliberately infected 200 citizens of Azerbaijan with HIV-virus by sexual intercourse. Interestingly, the healthcare ministry knew her disease back in 2003, however, neither doctors nor police had taken measures.  

November 8, 2007
1. In Damask it is being built a mausoleum for Al Farabi.

October 19, 2007
1. The US Green card lottery for 2009 has already begun. Uzbeks can also participate in the game.

October 8, 2007
1. The Uzbek joint company "UzDaewooAuto" will transform to "GM Uzbekistan" and produce cars of brand "Chevrolet".

July 18, 2007
1. Uzbekistan farmers sold 6,250,000 tons of grain to state and completed their obligation before the state.

April 24, 2007
1. Former president of Russia Boris Yeltsin died from the heart attack at 76 years of age.

April 19, 2007
1. On April 17 many Russians living in Uzbekistan remembered their parents on the religious holiday of Parents day.
2. In Ferghana province the suppliers of communal services started to sue those, who refuse to pay the debts. The civil court confiscates the property in case of inability to pay the debts.

April 16, 2007
1. There are four boxing associations (WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO) in the world. Uzbek citizen Ruslan Chagaev won Russian boxer Valiev in super heavy category (greater than 90 kg) at the WBA championship on April 14, 2007.

March 30, 2007
1. Some countries such as India, Nigeria and Indonesia get other counties to issue their currencies. Recently, Russia won the tender to issue Indonesian currency.
2. WHO recommended doing circumcision in African countries to prevent the AIDS. It was established that circumcision is 50-60% effective.

March 27, 2007
1. In 2007, Turkmenistan is planning to increase extraction of natural gas 1.2 times as much as that of 2006, to approximately 80 billion m3 and of oil by 15%, to 10.4 million tons. It is planned to export 58 billion m3 of gas, which is 25% greater than that of 2006. Turkmenistan will export the natural gas to Iran, China and Russia.
2. Security Council of UN demanded from Iran to stop the nuclear program within the next two months. Many countries started to evacuate their citizens from Iran.
3. House of representatives of the Congress, USA approved Ukraine's and Georgia's entering the NATO. Earlier, the decision had been approved by Senate, the upper chamber of the Congress. Now the document is sent to the president's signature. 

March 23, 2007
1. In Kazakhstan the Center of Women's Rights is suggesting to legalize the prostitution.
2. Policemen in Uzbekistan are quitting jobs by number of reasons: bad reputation after the Andijan events, low salary (130,000 soums per month), absence of a law on police, etc. 

March 22, 2007
1. At the commodity market in Almati, Kazakhstan it appeared HIV-terrorists. They prick people and spread the dangerous disease. 19 people complained on them to the HIV-center. One, who is infected with the virus, has to see a doctor to prevent the disease by forcing out as much blood as possible from the wound.
2. In Moscow it is founded the "Central Asian Institute of Russian Diaspora", which will study the life conditions of Russians in Central Asia.
3. Tajik president Imomali Rahmonov changed his name to Imomali Rahmon and encouraged Tajik citizens to follow him.
4. Salmon Rushdie wrote a new novel "Shame" about four Chinese women, who survive in US.
5. Pakistan is an acronym made in UK: "p" - penjabs, "a" - afghans, "k" - kashmirs, "s" - sindkhs, "tan" - Belujistan.

March 20, 2007
1. The year 2007 is 800's anniversary of famous sacred person Jaloliddin Rumiy and announced the year of Jaloliddin Rumiy by UN.

March 14, 2007
1. Administration of the Indian Technological Institute decided to restrict students from accessing Internet between 23:00-24:30, encouraging them to go to sleep. The reason was teachers were concerned about students' losing strength and attention because of long surfing the Internet.
2. At Moscow metro it will be installed wireless Internet.
3. American airline company Boeing invented a new technology of controlling airplane from the ground. The system will be activated as soon as it appears a pressure on the pilot's door and will be working until the airplane lands. It will prevent the airplane from being hijacked by terrorists.
4. Lower chamber of Bundestag approved (405 voices against 157) to send about 6-8 spy planes "Tornado" to Afghanistan for taking part in NATO operations against "Taliban" movement. The spy planes will not participate in battle, but only observe and provide the security of "Bundesver".
5. In Russia and USA animal organs are transplanted to human. The problem is the human body starts to reject the transplanted organ.
6. In India elephants are being used as a bulldozer for destroying old buildings.

March 9, 2007
1. According to a research, in 2006 it was created about 161 billion GB digital info (all photo, audio/video, emails, websites, phone chats, etc).

March 6, 2007
1. Uzbek national artist Khojiakbar Nurmatov died of heart attack at 63 years of age.

March 5, 2007
1. American tribe Cherokee has population about 250-270 thousand and it is the second largest Indian population after Navaho.

March 2, 2007
1. In Moscow, it is intended to count the number of chirping birds, because it was suspected they had rarely been wintering in Moscow. Based on the quantity, it will be created good conditions for birds.
2. Silicon in transistors will be changed with protein layers of an electron thick. If two hundred such layers are stacked, it equals the thickness of a hair.
3. A woman is demanding 20 million payments from the Internet Company "Yahoo" for using her face in its advertising.

February 20, 2007
1. The president of Kazakhstan decided to pass some of his responsibilities to the parliament. The adoption of country's budget and local budget and its control should be the main responsibility of the parliament.
2. Japanese scientists achieved to grow a mouse tooth in a laboratory.
3. In Turkmenistan, the first Internet cafes opened, where one hour work in Internet costs about $3.
4. French newspaper informed about the record speed of a train TGV 553 km/hour.
5. American company produced a flash drive IronDrive of size range 32MB-4GB, which is able to resist cold -40C, heat +95C, rot, even nuclear explosion.
6. American scientists found the weak point of HIV. The proteins on the virus keep changing, which makes it difficult for immune system to destroy them. However, there was one protein on the surface of HIV, which does not change and is responsible for attaching to immune cells. It is the protein, which will be used as a target for antibodies capable of destroying HIV.

February 16, 2007
1. In Turkmenistan Qurbonguli Berdimuhamedov was elected a new president, who promised to continue Turkmenbashi's politics. 49 year old president also promised to make reforms and provide information freedom.
2. Gold mining company "Zarafshon-Newmont" has been put on an auction.
3. General director of Stock Company "UzDaewooAuto" (Asaka city, Andijan province) has been appointed Shukhrat Yusupov, who had been an advisor at Economics ministry. In 1996 the capacity of the plant was 200,000 cars annually. At the moment 100% of shares belong to "Uzautoprom". In 2006 the company made 140,080 automobiles, which is 38.7% higher than that of 2005.
4. In Turkmenistan there will be 10 years of public education, 5 years at higher education establishments, and 6 years at medical and art areas.

February 15, 2007
1. In Kyrgyzstan 30,000 women are going to riot if the government does not allow women to take photo in hijab for passport. Supporters of the movement collected 40,000 signatures, but government agencies told they needed to collect 300,000 for consideration on a high level. In Kyrgyzstan there are 5 Islamic universities and 45 medreses.
2. In Kyrgyzstan two parties "Ata-meken" and "Ar-namis" have merged.

February 8, 2007
1. Today it took place the most powerful DDoS-attack in the Internet since 2002: the hackers were able to take control over three root DNS servers. 
2. ICANN (International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) decided not to liquidate the domain of the unexisting countries, in particular, .SU of USSR.
3. EU intends to open four diplomatic embassies in Astana, Tashkent, Dushanbe and Bishkek. EU is interested in Central Asian energy. Germany is suggesting to build a gas pipe from Central Asia to Europe through Caspian Sea.  

February 5, 2007
1. In 2011 Almati, Kazakhstan will hold Asian Olympic games. Now it is being built a subway in Almati, which is planned to finish by 2010.
2. Uzbekistan agency on information and press has prohibited Coscom to operate, the third largest cellular company in Uzbekistan, but Uzbek court found the activity illegal.

January 26, 2007
1. In Uzbekistan the minimal wage is 12,420 soums, pension 24,600 soums.
2. Uzbekistan introduced a common tax for entrepreneurs at 7,5 minimal wages each month. Last year there was a differentiated tax system. For example, a shoemaker used to pay 3,5 minimal wages to the government, a trader at the market 4, a tailor the same, etc. Now every businessman has to pay about 100,000 soums ($85) regardless of the type of business.
3. Uzbekistan is spending about 5% of its GDP at the military, which is very big compared with that of Russia, or other Central Asian countries.

January 25, 2007
1. India is attempting to become a member of Shanhay Collaboration organization (ShOS). Nowadays the organization includes six countries: Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In 2005 India became an observer in the organization. India wishes to cooperate in the fields of economy, energy, education and culture, fight against terrorism and drug contraband.
2. In the International economical forum in Davos, Switzerland it was reported that the oil price could triple from $50 (nowadays) to $150 by 2008. It will lead to the increase of prices for petroleum and gas.
3. China conquered Uygur province back in XIII. In 1949 Chinese started to move into the province and nowadays there are 16 million people, of which 50% is Chinese, 42% is Uygurs and 8% is Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Russian and others. However, Uygurs think they are more than that and Chinese government is hiding the truth. In 1970th Uygurs changed their alphabet from Latin to Arabic. In China there is tense censor, therefore Uygurs did not know that in 2006 Rabi Qadir, a business-lady, politician and fighter for rights and freedom of Uygur nation, was nominated for the Nobel prize for peace. In 1955 Uygur province was made Uygur Autonomous region and is the largest province of China. In general the standard of living increased in the region by developing the industries, export and attracting more foreign investment.
4. In Uzbekistan the number of Internet users reached 1,7 million, that is every 16th citizen has access.

January 23, 2007
1. In Kazakh parliament it is being discussed the case of listening to telephone conversations for the national security.
2. China shot its old satellite (launched in 1999) with a ballistic racket on the height of 865 km. Cosmos is said to be the 51st state of US. 

January 19, 2007
1. In Khorezm it was found a fossil of a tree, which is estimated to be between 100,000 - 1 million years old.
2. In Kazakhstan high school graduates will take SNE (Single National Exam), an analogy of Russian EGU (Yediniy gosudarstvenniy ekzamen), in which graduates will take exit and entry examination to a university at once. However, it causes a problem to Uzbeks, Tajiks and Uygurs, because the exam will be offered in Kazakh and Russian languages.
3. Russian company bought 75% shares of "Samarkand elevator manufacturing plant" for 1.3 million US dollars. It is said the Russian company was a winner at the announced tender. According to the contract, the company will invest $7.5 million into the development of the company in the next five years. The "SEM" company was established in 1975. Its capacity is 7,000 freight and passenger elevators. Most raw materials are imported from Russia. Capital Stock of the company is 115.411 million soums. The personnel own 11.35% of shares, others own 13.65%. In September 2005 Iranian company bought 75% shares for $1 million promising to invest $27 million, but GosComImushestvo of Uzbekistan annulled the contract for failing to keep the promise.
4. In Ferghana valley of Uzbekistan young people are marrying under Islamic rules (Nikoh) without registering at state department (ZAGS). However, if the family breaks down and the woman remains alone with a child, she will not have a right to demand alimony from her husband.
5. 45% of Russian export of weaponry is directed to China. 

January 16, 2007
1. President of Uzbekistan signed a decree on establishing a branch of Russian State University of Oil and Gas after Gubkin in Tashkent. It will accept students in 2007/2008. 40% of students will be financed by government with the obligation to work at distributed work for at least 3 years. At the moment there are two university branches in Tashkent: of Moscow State after Lomonosov and Russian technical after Bauman.
2. In Russia it took effect the new law on immigration, according to which from 15 January 2007 the number of foreign traders at the markets must decrease to 40%, from 1st April 2007 to zero.

January 15, 2007
1. In CIS countries Russian language is reduced. In Azerbaijan it remained 29 Russian schools, in Georgia 59, in Kyrgyzstan 138, in Tajikistan 3, in Turkmenistan none. The only country that kept Russian as state language is Byelorussia. Many, in particular famous Kazakh poet Oljas Suleymanov comments new generations that don't study Russian are punishing themselves, through Russian language it came world science and culture.
2. Cotton production played the central role in economics of Soviet Uzbekistan. Nowadays only 30% of arable land is used for growing cotton (1.5 million hectares) in Uzbekistan. Roughly 3.5 million tons of raw cotton is produced. From it Uzbekistan makes 1-1.2 million tons of cotton-fiber occupying the fifth place in the world along with Brasilia. Others are China (6.34 tons), India (4.59 tons), US (4.44 tons) and Pakistan (2.16 tons). Uzbekistan intends to decrease export of cotton and to focus on internal processing.     

January 10, 2007
1. Residents of seventh block of Chilanzar district of Tashkent have been opposing the construction of tuberculosis and venereal dispensary near the high school and kindergarten since mid December 2006.
2. In Tajikistan, industries are encouraged to shift to the use of coal from gas. 

January 9, 2007
1. The Uzbek president's term finishes on 22nd January, 2007.  According to the Constitution of Uzbekistan, the presidential election is appointed to 23rd of January, 2007.
2. Yesterday in the evening an earthquake occurred at 4-5 points on Richter's scale in Tashkent.

January 6, 2007.
1. On November 4, 2005 it took place so called "Russian march" initiated by the organization DPNI (Dvijeniye protiv nelegalnoy immigratsii), where about 3,000 people walked through the main streets of Moscow crying and shouting. Some say they tried to unite, some say they threatened non-Slavic nations. The organization, established in 2002, fights against both legal and illegal immigration.
2. "Reklama" in Latin means "to shout, to cry"; "Pornography" in Greek means "prostitute's photo"; "Nexia" in Korean means "Sparrow"; "Peugeot" in French means "pigeon".     

January 4, 2007
1. Tashkent city court on criminal affairs accused former Tashkent's khakim Kozim Tulaganov of economically harming in very large amount and charged for 20 years of prison. It is known that K. Tulaganov has returned 1,5 billion soums (approximately 1,3 million USD) to motherland during the hearing of the case. Earlier, former defense minister Qodir Gulomov and chairman of state committee of property Uktam Ismailov have been found guilty. It is coming to an end a case on the former chairman of "Khalq banki" Bakhtiyor Khamidov. 

December 28, 2006
1. Descendants of Said Olimkhon, last ruler of Bukhara, want to return to motherland. Also, Said Olimkhon wished to be reburied on motherland when possible for the money deposited in foreign banks. There are about 300 relatives of Said Olimkhon currently living all over the world. On his tombstone it is written "better be a beggar on own land that be a kind on foreign land".
2. It is going on an investigation on the case of HIV infection of young children at a Kazakh hospital. It has been determined 84 children and 12 mothers infected. However, out of 646 children, who had had contact with the infected children, 325 have not been found anywhere. The reason could be parents are hiding their children in fear of outcomes or the hospital had artificially made up the list of children to get more resources.

December 27, 2006
1. Pakistan intends to build a wall across the border with Afghanistan because of Afghanistan accuses Pakistan for failing to prevent Taliban forces to go from Pakistan to Afghanistan.  Afghanistan disapproves the decision commenting that it would divide the nation of Pushtuns living on both sides of the border.
2. Armed forces of dominant Christian Ethiopia are moving towards Mogadisho, the capital of Somali. Muslims of Somali are calling to join the jihad against Ethiopia.
3. Deutsch bank froze the account of recently passed away president of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Niyazov until heirs are identified. Also, it is unclear if it is personal or state account.
4. In Azerbaijan it will be stopped broadcasting of two Russian TV channels "ORT" and "Russia" in order to stimulate the local channels. It is a common practice in the world that foreign channels are not broadcasted nationwide, but only through cable TVs.      
December 23, 2006
1. December 30 will be Kurban hayit holiday in Uzbekistan and a day off.
2. Uzbek state TV and Radio channels will be broadcasted via satellite and reach over 300 difficult areas in Uzbekistan.

December 21, 2006
1. The president of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Niyazov died. It was announced 7-day mourning. He died from a sharp heart scarcity at the age of 66.

December 20, 2006
1. In Afghanistan after the destruction of Taliban forces, rare art pieces of the country are re-exhibited to the world. Some specialists suggest restoring two huge monuments of Buddha, which have been destroyed by Taliban.
2. In 2007 it must take place presidential elections in Uzbekistan. President of Uzbekistan wants to stimulate the work of oppositions. At the moment there are five official political parties. Two parties "Birlik" and "Erk" are trying to register at the ministry of Justice. However, they don't meet many conditions.
3. At the XV Asian Olympic games Uzbekistan has gained 40 medals (11 - gold, 14 - silver, 15 - bronze). In the general team standing, Uzbekistan took the 7th place. An Indian athlete woman has been disqualified because she was found to be a man.
4. In Kazakh town Shelek there was a conflict between Kazakhs and Uygurs. At a caf? the latter told "The state is yours, but the land is ours".
5. According to International education centre in New York, the number of students in US from Kazakhstan is 480, from Uzbekistan 416, from Kyrgyzstan 185, from Tajikistan 160, from Turkmenistan 103. 

December 18, 2006
1. In Kazakhstan there is a deficiency of specialists. It is despite there are 176 HEUs, 312 lyceums, 475 colleges. In Kazakhstan there are 45 law universities that produce 91,300 graduates, in US - 194 and 145,000 respectively, in UK - 91 and 13,725 respectively. Whereas, the population of US exceeds that of Kazakhstan 19 times and UK 4 times. The country with 15,5 million people (Kazakhstan) don't need 45 law universities and don't need additional 91,000 graduates - said an economist Hitch. - this many lawyers can't find their place in the Kazakh economy. He suggested to solve the problem by decreasing the number of universities to 10 and students to 12,000.

November 14, 2006
1. In Kazakhstan it will be prohibited a casino starting from 1st January 2007. There are currently about 2000 casinos, which will end that day. Also, the import and utilization of right steering-wheeled automobiles will be banned from January 1, 2007. It was decided by the Security Council of Kazakhstan. It is being discussed another law, which deprives drunk driver of his driving license for two years in the first time, for five years in the second and for all life in the third time.
2. In Turkmenistan it was recently published a collection of national tales for the first time during the years of independence.
3. Poland wants to have an access to Kazakh and Turkmen oil and gas and demands from Russia to give up its monopoly, otherwise, Poland will hinder Russia's intention to enter the European Union. Also, Poland wants Russia to cancel its ban on the importing of Poland meat to Russia.

November 9, 2006
1. The movie of British comic "Borat" was prohibited in Kazakhstan, because it described the Kazakh nation indecently, for example, it was shown that the country is racist, sexist, anti-Semite and automobiles move with horses, etc.

November 8, 2006
1. Scientists in US studied one of the miraculous phenomena - the force of Casimir. It is a force emerged between two planes in vacuum. Scientists tell the force can be used in creation of micro-electromechanical systems.
2. In the center of Bishkek it started fights between demonstrators and the government forces. It was used tear-gas against the demonstrators.
3. American scientists suggested to cool down the Earth and prevent the Earth from global warming by "cosmic clouds", that is, to block the Sun rays by cosmic items. However, it is difficult to predict if it overcools.
4. In Armenia the Russian mobile company Vimpelkom has become a monopolist forcing out its competitor another Russian mobile phone company MTS in the fight for the largest company "Armentel". Vimpelkom has 90% of shares of "Armentel" and the rest 10% belongs to the government.
5. According to World Monetary Fund, in 2005 the 25 developed countries produced 52.3 % of the world GDP, whereas the 146 developing countries produced 47.7%. The first group had 69% of the world export of goods and services, whereas the second group had 31%. In the first group countries 15.3% of the world population lives, in the second group 84.7%. 149 countries are members of the World Trade Organization. The large countries such as Iran and Iraq are not member of the organization, which occupy the second and the third places in oil production. 

November 7, 2006
1. In Tajikistan it was held the presidential elections and the current president was reelected for the third term. He has been on the post since 1992. He had four rivals - communist, agrarian, socialist, and economic reformer, but they were not strong.

November 6, 2006
1. The president of Kyrgyzstan announced a decree to the parliament about ratifying the constitution of the country. So, the ratification is delayed to the next year. The opposition in the main square of Bishkek is demanding the immediate acceptance of the constitution.
2. In Kazakhstan the deputats of the parliament are worried that the 40% of oil production could be held by China. In general there are four types of oil companies in the country: government owned, domestic private, foreign private and foreign government owned. The deputats say if there is no block for the controlling of the oil production; it may put the national interests at risk.
3. In Iraq the Supreme Court announced the verdict to the former ruler of the country Saddam Husein to be hanged for his massacre of 148 Shiites in the small village, where his cortege had been shot. The process was the longest and many advocates and judges have changed during the session. First judge left himself, second was accused of being too soft, third did not want to admit Husein as dictator.
4. It was celebrated 1,000th anniversary of the Mamun academy in Khiva, the city situated 1,000 km from Tashkent. Part of Khiva, Ichan qala, has been included into the world heritage of Unesco. It is told Jawaharlal Nehru has studied in Khiva. 

November 3, 2006
1. In Kyrgyzstan it took place another demonstration by opposition of the government demanding the president to resign.
2. It was told the power of a country is determined by the quality of its elite. It has been such with Egypt and Babylon, Greece and Rome, the current USA. Usually the elite finds innovations and others will follow the trend.
3. In Iran it has been conducted a contest on the best caricature work on holocaust as a reply to the caricature on the prophet Muhammad.

November 2, 2006
1. President of Uzbekistan appointed the advisor of the Prime Minister Utkir Sultanov as a general director of the company "Tashkent aviation production concern after Chkalov". The former director was dismissed because the company had not been able to deliver 38 military-transport airplanes IL-76 to China on time. Before the appointment Utkir Sultanov had been responsible as an advisor for the areas of car-manufacturing, metallurgy, oil-gas, mineral resources mining, electro-energy, and chemical industries.
2. It was told that the majority of prostitutes in south Kazakhstan are from Uzbekistan.

November 1, 2006
1. According to the report prepared by UN 820 million people of the world, in particular 21 million in CIS countries are at hunger for food. The most difficult situation is in Tajikistan, where 60% of people are not feeding enough. In some African countries the number is 70%.
2. Kazakhstan government announced a prize for best symbol of national currency. For example, US currency is $, which is  U crossed with S and part of U was faded, however there are other versions of emergence of the symbol; EU currency is , which means "Europe" and parallel lines are stability; UK currency is ?, which means "Libra" (funt).
3. The future of CIS is unclear to many experts. India, Turkey, China, Pakistan, Iran are against the reintegration of the CIS countries. The CIS countries are also reluctant of reuniting. The CIS countries can be considered as a political club, which solves such issues as territory issues (Nagorniy Karabah, South Osetia, Abhazia, etc), uncompetitiveness of domestic products, various threats (international terrorism, narco-traffic, illegal migration, etc), the problem of demarcation and delimitation of borders, economical problems (problems of water, energy, etc.).  
4. 5,000 people in Uzbekistan are getting ready for the Khaj pilgrimage.
5. Korean car maker Hyundai and Uzbek car making company could not agree on cooperation. Uzbek company "UzDaewoo" produced 70 thousand cars in 2004 and is going to produce 110 thousand in 2006. The main importer of the cars is Russia. Hyundai produced 2.7 million cars in South Korea and 750 thousand in foreign countries. The Hyundai company has its plants in USA, China and Turkey. Nowadays, the Hyundai and its affiliate KIA is number 6 in selling cars in the world.

October 30, 2006
1. In the south of Kazakhstan it was found a piece of a brick on which it had been written some 44 symbols of ancient civilization of Kangs. Last year it was found the largest brick containing 140 symbols. Experts say the writing is Arameic. It is assumed that the writing holds geographical names, names of rulers, main political centers of those times, a bunch of terms unclear to the modern science, etc.
2. After the nuclear weapon testing by North Korea, it was noticed the sexual intensiveness of North Korean people. The sales of condoms and hotel rooms have increased rapidly.

October 27, 2006
1. The People's Republic of China has been continuing repressions of Uygurs in Shinjang province, where there live 10 million Uygurs. "Chinese government is blaming Uygurs in separatism, nationalism and since the September 2001 terracts in US in terrorism" says an Uygur activist. 
2. Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan are having difficulties with demarking the borders as the first suggests to refer to the map of 1955 and the latter is referring to the map of 1924. In Kyrgyz territory there are two Uzbek enclaves Soh and Shohimardon with 40-50 thousand people. In Tajikistan 25% of population are Uzbeks and half of the population of Fergana, Kashkadaryo and Surkhandaryo provinces of Uzbekistan are Tajiks.  
3. In Uzbekistan there are about forty gold mines, but 25% of them are active with the potential of extracting 80 tons of gold. The approved reserve size is 2100 tons of gold in Uzbekistan. The size had been 3500 tons till the independence of Uzbekistan, that is, 20% of the gold reserve has been used so far. According to the gold reserves Uzbekistan occupies the fourth place in the world. According to the size of extracting the gold Uzbekistan is 9th in the world and 2nd in CIS countries. In 1967 Stalin died and after two years in 1969 it was made the first golden bar in the form of a box in Muruntau gold mine, which has been stored at the weapon warehouse of Kremle, Moscow. Uzbek government decided to announce bankrupt the American company in 2006 "Newmont Mining company", which had been cooperating with Uzbek company since 1995. The reason could be two: the US criticism of Andijan evens in May of 2005 or the conflicts of Russia around the extraction of hydrocarbon by foreign companies in Sahalin.
4. India is searching energy sources in the Central Asian countries, in particular in Tajikistan, where it has built a military base to help to fight terrorism. India is interested in Tajik gas. Nowadays India consumes 1.9 million barrels of oil per day, 70% of which is imported. By 2010 India will be consuming 4 million barrels of oil per day. Both China and India are looking for ways to invest in foreign countries. 

October 26, 2006
1. The president of Kazakhstan wants to change the font from Cyrillic to Latin, because he said Kazakhs were using three different fonts in different regions: the Latin fond in Turkey, the Cyrillic in Kazakhstan and the Arabic in China.
2. In the city Osh in Kyrgyzstan it was initiated a campaign against bribery in universities. In the campaign it is planned to conduct questionnaire among the seven universities of the city to determine if there is bribery. The results of the campaign will be published on and offline and there will be created ratings of corrupt and honest lecturers, rectors and universities.

October 25, 2006
1. The president of Iran encouraged the citizens of Iran to have more children in order to increase the population to 120 million people from the current 70 million. In that case the country can resist the Western countries. He told women should work less and sit at home to foster children.
2. In Actau city of Kazakhstan there was a big fight between locals and Turks at the Turkish company, which deals with construction of a gas extracting plant. The reason for fighting was discrimination of the local workers by the administration.
3. It was proved that horses had been first domesticated in Kazakhstan 5600 years ago. The scientist investigated the soil and came to this conclusion, because the soil did not have much phosphorus, which usually happens as a result horse excrements.

October 18, 2006
1. The population of US has recently passed the mark of 300 million people.
2. It has taken place a rebellion at the women's prison in Tashoghuz in Turkmenistan. The director of the prison and all workers of the prison have recently been changed from men to women. The cause of the rebellion was strengthening of the rules. The convicts don't get enough food.

October 13, 2006
1. The younger daughter of the Uzbek president has been appointed as a deputy director of the recently opened branch of Moscow State University after Lomonosov.
2. The Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk is awarded with the Nobel Prize on literature. He described his city Istanbul and the Swedish academy found it interesting in terms of a clash of two cultures. In the native country the writer has recently been accused of insulting the Turkey saying it was not admitting the genocide of Armenians during the World War I. The court in Istanbul has found the writer innocent under the international pressure. 

October 12, 2006
1. In Kyrgyzstan it is created a department at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which will deal with human trade and trafficking.
2. A Kazakh company bought 42% of shares of an Uzbek company "Marvel Juice Co", which produces 50% of fruit and vegetable juices and is one of the three leading producers of juice in Uzbekistan. 
3. It was demanded to dismiss the present director of the government agency on religious affairs of Kyrgyzstan accusing him of illegally dividing the people of Kyrgyzstan into northern and southern when distributing the 3500 places for Khaj to Mecca in proportion 1000 and 2500 respectively.   

October 9, 2006
1. Russia decided to transfer the production of its military airplanes IL-76 from Tashkent to Russia. 98% parts of the airplane have been delivered from Russia to Tashkent Aviation production corporation after Chkalov, where the airplanes are assembled. It means a development for Russian economy, a slow down for Uzbek economy.
2. At the recent meeting of the presidents of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan it was signed a new document, which allows citizens of one country stay in another for two months without getting visa. 
3. 16 out of 86 representatives of US NGOs have been terminated in Uzbekistan. Now, an Indian representative branch "Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa" is being closed down.
4. It was presented a new software program that teaches the Kazakh language. It is particularly designed for the countrymen, who live in Europe. 
5. Russian government created a special state program to call Russians living abroad to return to Russia. The program guarantees some social and economical benefits with accommodation, work, and financial aid. It is aimed to solve many economical as well as demographical problems of the country.

October 5, 2006
1. Kazakhstan achieved a record level of wheat harvest 18 million tons in 2006, by which Kazakh president Nursultan Nazarbaev congratulated all farmers. He also pointed out that it would provide not only the country, but also increase the extent of export.
2. New general secretary of UN will soon be elected a Korean man in place of Kofi Annan. He is likely to get most votes out of 15 member countries of the security council of the UN.

September 25, 2006
1. Yesterday the Korean prime minister paid a visit to Uzbekistan to talk about economical relations between the countries. She will also take part in the business forum along with 100 Korean businessmen. There will be talks about mining industry, in particular, gold and uranium.
2. In Kazakhstan it was held a presentation of the translation of the famous book of Mahmud Qoshgariy "Divan lugat at-turk" into Russian by granddaughter of famous writer Muhtar Avezov, which took three years. The book "Divan lugat at-turk" is translated as "Dictionary of Turkish pronouns".

September 11, 2006
1. In the Asian Tennis championship held in Tashkent during 2-9 August, Iroda Tulyaganova from Uzbekistan won the first place, but Denis Istomin from Uzbekistan lost to Japanese player Go Soedo.
2. The automaker joint company "SamKOC Auto" is announced bankrupt and new Japanese investor will make minibuses of the brand "Isuzu". The company was established in 1999 and is the 2nd largest carmaker in Uzbekistan after "Uzdaewoo auto", which was founded in 1996 and owned fully by Uzbek government company "Uzautoprom".

September 6, 2006
1. In Tajik city Hojand it was established an Uzbek children's newspaper "B&B", which is included so far into the Uzbek newspaper "Tong".

July 17, 2006
1. Intel wants to dismiss its 1,000 managers all over the world. It constitutes 1% of all employees of the company.

July 14, 2006
1. In Antarctic soon there will grow trees as a result of the world heating.
2. Google continues to widen the video service. It signs contracts with many companies.
3. FIFA has announced the ranking of football teams of the world. Uzbekistan is in top 50.
4. Psychologists established that absence of punishment affected as an encouragement. Scientists scanned human brain and noticed that the same part of it was active in both cases.

July 12, 2006
1.        There is a national program to fortify flour with iron in Uzbekistan. Nowadays, talks are being held to carry out this program.

July 7, 2006
1. It is said the host of World Cup in football Germany used much means of IT technology, which would be difficult to achieve next host SAR.
2. Japanese company created accessory glasses for iPod, which allow a person to watch video and photos.  

July 3, 2006
1. Defense minister of Russia said that Ukraine had sold 12 long distance winged missiles to China and Iran.
2. Japanese scientists invented a device that can record and restore smell. One needs to point it to an object, for instance, a cake, and it will analyze and determine the smell using its stock.

June 28, 2006
1. According to WHO around 40% of world population is suffering with anemia.

June 22, 2006
1. American scientists found that bacteria can be used to protect black and colored metal from corrosion.
2. The company V12 created a prototype of notebook, which has no keyboard and has two touch-stone displays. If one needs to type in text, there will appear a keyboard in the screen. Moreover, it allows to read books if you rotate it by 90 degrees like an ordinary book.

June 21, 2006
1. IBM created a silicon-germanium chip, which is able to work with frequency of 550Gh. At present the PC has a maximum frequency of 4Gh.
2. A man was accused of sending 32 thousand SMS with porno to random people among whom there were children.
3. In Uzbekistan state duties for notarial transactions such as buying or selling, donation or exchange of houses, cars, other properties were lowered.   

June 20, 2006
1. In Scotland hacking courses are offered in universities. The graduates can work as security specialists.
2. Siemens and Nokia have agreed to merge. Nokia will possess more power in the board of governors.
3. The first Kazakh telecommunication satellite has been launched to orbit.

June 19, 2006
1. Samarqand SRI on karakul trade and ecology has won a grant of the Republican center on science and technology, which constitutes 58.7 million UZS.
2. In the Republican center of education it was held a seminar devoted to the evaluation of the results of the second stage of National program for preparation of specialists and to the review of the tasks of the third stage.
3. In state Oregon, US, a worker of Tax department liked to view porno sites and hackers were able to steal personal files of many tax payers.

June 16, 2006
1. A citizen of Singapore was found guilty of drawing caricature of Jesus on his website and sentenced to prison for three years and a fine of more than 3 thousand USD.
2. It was produced a bulletproof USB flash cards in Taiwan.

June 15, 2006
1. Scientists found a way of importing a nanorobot into the human blood and measure the blood's pressure, temperature and chemical content.
2. Clients of GSM standard of communication system have exceeded 2 billion. The second popular standard is CDMA.
3. In Kazakhstan it has been adopted a program for the development of the area of telecommunications.

June 14, 2006
1. System administrator of a bank deleted all data due to his small salary. He wanted not only to revenge, but also to earn some money by making futures claim to sell his shares in case they start going down.
2. President of Russia gave state premiums to workers in fields of science and technology.
3. Intelligent search engine is testing AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) interface.
4. In Israel it is being discussed a plan of bombing main scientific and industrial centers of Iran to prevent Iran from possessing nuclear weapon.

June 10, 2006
1. It has been issued a presidential decree that from July 1, 2006 salaries, pensions, stipends and social benefits will increase.

June 1, 2006
1. In two years, every second person in Russia will own a PC. It was promised by the Minister of Information Technologies and Communications.
2. Microsoft Corporation is about to start to sell an antivirus program. Analysts are commenting that if the quality of its program has due level, then it can be a strong competitor to other antivirus companies.
3. Soon, it is planned to implement a new system in Russia to enable passengers to buy tickets for trains over the Internet.
4. The strong competition between two producers of processors Intel and AMD provides a development of each company. Lately, experts have been admitting the advantage of AMD before Intel.

June 2, 2006
1. The e-library was found guilty by Moscow court. The author of the website Maksim Moshkov was sentenced to pay 30,000 rubl on three points.
2. The company Dell intends to build two plants in India and China, where it will be produced PCs.
3. Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan wants to close the representative branch of NNO ACCELS.
4. It was created a new international TV channel in Russia - First Channel. CIS.
5. Prime minister of Russia Mikhail Fradkov said at the meeting in Minsk that it would be possible to introduce a common currency within EuroAsian Economical Cooperation. It will mean an end of integration of the EuroAsian EC.

June 6, 2006
1. Russians are against idea of Internet governance suggested by UN.
2. The demand for laptops is growing faster than that of for desktops.

June 7, 2006
1. The company Google has announced that it created electronic spreadsheet software, which could compete with Microsoft's Office package MS Excel.
2. South Korean company Samsung invented a technology to represent 3D images on the screen of cell phones.
3. The satellite mapping system of Google has triggered a new type of advertising on house roofs.
4. Laboratory of Kaspersky has warned about a new virus GPCode, which encodes the files on computer and demands money for decoding.
5. In a month the foreign analogs of the library of Moshkov Project Gutenberg and World eBook Library have decided to make 300,000 ebooks free.
6. ScienceDaily has informed that for the first time scientists were able to integrate human brain with microchip.
7. In China it will be used a system, which turns off cell phone communications during entrance exams.
8. Internet Security monitoring service Doctor Web has warned users of new modification of Trojan.

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